flow with purpose, fuel your peace.

after one-too-many ripped bikini straps, awkward wedgie-adjusting moments in a line up full of guys, and gnarly wipeouts – we decided it was time to craft some sturdy and sustainable swimwear, directly made for women, that catered to all levels of surfers.


whether you’re a pro shortboarder or a novice just falling in love with the sport, a weekend longboarder, a kitesurfer, a freediver, or even just a beach lounger – our suits are made to keep you protected and secured. our goal is to see more women enjoying time in the water and connecting to the power of our bodies. and to be able to do good for our planet and our community through our profits.


our favorite surf sessions are those where we are surrounded by a supportive community of confident women. no matter your body type, skin color, fitness level – if you love the water, you have a team here at Junior Varsity.