community services

Junior Varsity was idealized as a company that would raise profits to help the communities where we surf.


Our suits are handcrafted in Bali, and we made sure to partner with an ethical manufacturer that prioritizes both the quality of their products and the well-being of those who make them. Every employee receives above minimum wage pay with bonuses and paid overtime, a hot and healthy lunch with vitamins every day, and free medical insurance for themselves, their spouse, and up to three children.  

Our manufacturer also gives back to their own community by donating to Bali Street Mums, an organization that offers rehabilitation services to Balinese street children and their mothers. They rescue vulnerable children from predators on the street, and provide refuge and education at their Safe House. In these halfway homes, mothers learn the skills to earn a proper living, so they won’t return to street begging with their children. The kids receive new clothes, toiletries, and remedial writing and reading lessons to help them get into formal school – with the ultimate goal of giving them the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty.


There is no doubt that men and women are treated differently in the world, and that is no exception in the world of surfing. We noticed that most sponsored surfers in the Philippines are male, the men’s and women’s division have unequal competition prize money (you can guess who gets the higher payout). In general, there is more prioritization on the development of male surfers.

Junior Varsity was founded with the goal to change that. We plan to dedicate a portion of profits to support Filipina surfers, by covering competition season necessities like entrance fees, new gear, and travel expenses. We want to provide Filipinas the same opportunities that so many male surfers get, and give them a chance to shine in front of the world.

Of course, without the ocean, we have no surf. In 2020, S.E.A. Movement launched a marine conservation program called Adopt-a-Marine Protected Area, which aims to protect vulnerable ecosystems and species in Siargao.

MPAs play a crucial role in the conservation of biodiversity, and also in maintaining the livelihood and food security of coastal communities.

Junior Varsity has adopted the MPA in Corregidor, a small island south of Siargao. It is our hope that our contributions to the upkeep of this marine sanctuary will help maintain the beauty of this island and the community that lives there.


We believe it is crucial to set up an emergency relief fund for all the environmental disasters that are sadly now inevitable, and are perhaps only going to get stronger and more frequent as the years go on. It is a financial defense to help out victims of climate change, whether that be another tropical storm, flash floods, drought.

After experiencing Typhoon Odette firsthand and working tireless months afterward in relief and rebuilding, our goal is to be able to help provide immediate aid to victims of climate disasters.