gently handwash & dry in the shade

Most kinds of swimwear rely on synthetic fibers like elastane, nylon, or polyester to give it that stretchy and body-hugging feel. Unfortunately, these materials unavoidably release microplastics into waters after every wash, especially when washed in a machine.

(The only kinds of swimwear that do not release microplastics are those made from natural fabrics like cotton or wool, but those materials won’t be very surf-friendly, and often they still contain some form of elastane to keep them stretchy.)

To help remedy this issue, it is best to hand-wash all swimwear under fresh, cold water. Gentle washing prevents the shedding of microfibers into our waterways, and also saves more water than when you use a machine.

If you have stains on your suit, never clean with bleach or other chemicals; scrubbing with laundry soap (or shampoo) is enough to wash them away.

After washing, always let your suit air-dry in a cool shaded area, avoiding direct sunlight. It is also best to lay your suit flat, rather than letting it dry on a hanger. Never iron or tumble dry your suit in a dryer, as this degrades the fabric over time and the heat increases the chance of your suit discarding microplastics.